The Importance of Coming Together

Apr 11, 2014

business-teamworkHave you ever watched any of those home improvement competition shows where they are under a tight deadline to remodel a room, or sometimes an entire home? Well if you have, you know they often times fear they are not going to finish on time. Sometimes they are right and they must prioritize what is the most important. Other times, they keep working together and as a team they are able to get it done. The ones that do not seem to complete their task are the ones that do not get along and refuse to work together as a team. Here at William Vaughan Company, we are at the very end of tax season and like every year, I find myself saying everything is not going to get done. I just cannot imagine how it will! I am yet again, wrong! Everyone is pulling together as a team and is putting in the necessary hours to work to get everything complete, while maintaining the quality we are known for.

What is it like for you? Do you run as a team, a well-oiled machine? Or are you constantly in opposition of one another and fighting each other with little effort left to complete the task on hand? If you are trying to reconcile your cost, it requires information from various departments and people. For instance, if in your reconciliation you see that you used more material than you expected, you need to talk to the materials manager and ask them why this was the case. Maybe the machine was breaking the material, maybe the quality of the material was poor, or maybe you produced more. You cannot know the answer to the questions without talking to others and working together!

At the end of the day the goal is to keep the business running as smoothly as possible. Sometimes there are conflicts that need to be resolved. But taking the time to understand each department and their role and working together for the good of the business is crucial. Also it is vital to recognize when everything that needs to get done truly is not going to and what needs to take priority in order to get the most crucial steps complete. During this time communication is KEY!

I would be interested to hear your examples of times when you have worked together, or times when you have not. I am proud to say we are all working together here and getting everything done!

Categories: Cost Accounting