In a time of evolving policies and stringent regulations, healthcare, now, more than ever, is about employees, technology, reform, and most importantly, the care of your patients. Fiscal responsibility and the capacity to make sound practice decisions are essential to remaining competitive.

Just as your patients trust you with their personal health, you can count on William Vaughan Company to provide peace of mind. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals has extensive experience working with all types of healthcare entities including long-term care facilities, community health and mental health clinics, dental practices, physicians, and multispecialty practices. Whether you need tax, audit, consulting, or practice management guidance, our team is here to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, it is critical for you to remain well-informed of governance and best practices to navigate the complexity of laws and regulations.

Ask our team about:

  • Practice management consulting
  • Review of physician contracts
  • Physician compensation agreement consulting
  • Merger and acquisition consulting
  • Benchmarking and industry statistics comparison
  • Physician contract compliance consulting
  • Internal control review
  • Revenue cycle and collection procedures review
  • Accounts receivable and payer mix analysis
  • Physician buy/sell agreement calculation
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial statement analysis

Our healthcare specialists have also served more than 20 dental practices and oral surgeons and participated in the Great Black Swamp Dental Study Club as featured speakers. In addition, to ensure that they stay updated on current industry trends, our specialists attend Dental Association conferences and trade shows.

Simply put, William Vaughan Company healthcare specialists understand the industry’s needs and issues. We will work with you to improve financial performance, achieve “best practice” clinical and operational processes, and efficient resource utilization to optimize overall performance.