Supporting the community in which we live has been at the heart of William Vaughan Company’s philosophy since its inception. We pride ourselves on carrying on the values established by our late founder, William Vaughan. At WVC, we are active in programs which provide a positive impact in our community. We encourage our employees to seek opportunities to give back – either as a board member, as a volunteer for organizations for which they have a passion, or as part of our firm-wide community service initiatives. Above all, we believe community involvement provides an opportunity for us to make a positive impact, connect with colleagues on a different level, and forge new relationships.

Here are our signature firm-wide community services initiatives:

Kickin’ It For A Cause

WVC’s signature event, Kickin’ It For A Cause, was born following a firm retreat in 2013. As a result of the desire to enhance communication and promote fellowship, the company established what have been dubbed “FISH groups.” As a result, this distinctive, staff-driven event allowed the firm to support local organizations and give back to the charities that have impacted our own WVC family. Throughout the year, our FISH groups meet to organize details of the event from food selection to acquiring donations. Each and every employee contributes and takes a direct role to make this night of celebration possible.

Since 2013, our firm has raised over $200,000 for local charities including Mercy Children’s Hospital, the American Cancer Society and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Kickin’ it for A Cause is significant commitment, but we believe the time, energy, and support we provide are an essential part of who we are and what our firm represents.

Metropark Volunteer Day

Now in its third year, WVC has committed to making the Metroparks a volunteer site. Our firm has donated our time to help preserve the Metroparks and enhance the environment for generations to come. Last year, through teamwork and collaboration we were able to rid Side Cut Park of dead branches and other debris. While this is a great opportunity to connect with fellow employees outside of work, it is an even better feeling knowing we are giving back and directly impacting our own community.