Support is Key When Snowed In

Jan 10, 2014

We are still trying to climb out of all of the snow that we got over the last few days and all of the area schools are still closed. Earlier this week the roadways were shut down to all non-essential personnel, which believe it or not, CPA’s are not essential! There were two days this week that most employees did not make it into work. I know everyone, especially those with young children were starting to go stir crazy. Being stuck inside with the freezing temperatures can make you go mad! I hope all of you reading this are safe and I’d love to hear some of your stories. I do not, however, want to hear from those of you who are working or living in sunny conditions.

photoI was snowed in at a friend’s house for a few days with my three dogs and a six-year old. My friend is a police officer so he was able to get out of the house, as he was essential. The rest of us non-essentials were left at home. We were all kind of getting sick of seeing each other and being together. By Tuesday evening his daughter was tired and getting a little grumpy! My friend was sleeping and I was watching his daughter play the Wii. She was getting frustrated and acting up, I asked her to act right or she was going to bed. My friend ended up waking up and backed me up on my disciplining and she was sent to bed. I later thanked him for backing me up, as I wasn’t sure he would since he didn’t hear the whole story being that he was asleep. It was a great feeling to be supported!

Do you feel like you are supported in your job? Does your boss trust what you’re doing? Do they support your decisions, even without hearing the whole story? If you do not then I am sure it is frustrating. If you are a boss, why do you not back-up your controller?

It is important if a controller tells the CEO that the software system doesn’t work, the costing numbers are not right, ,etc. that the controller feel supported. Otherwise that person will end up figuring out how to work around the system to try to make it work as best as possible, but will always fear that when it comes crashing down it will be their fault. I’m not saying they should have free reign, but certainly should feel empowered and trusted.

Something to think about while sipping your hot cocoa looking out your window at lots of snow, like I am from my office window!

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