Stop Wasting Time

Jun 22, 2016

While our blog focuses on cost accounting, today’s topic may not be specifically related, but I do believe it has significance. Years ago, my clients had me focused on tax-related matters which resulted in a heavy workload January through April with a stress-free summer. However, now as a consultant for WVC’s affiliate, WVC RubixCloud, I no longer have break. I find myself  extremely busy with a constant flow of action items. Sometimes I even struggle to find time to get everything accomplished.

Do you share in these same issues? Do you have good intentions and intend to get things done, however, by the end of the day you have barely accomplished anything off of your to do list and more often than not, added to it? I have to guess that you are like me and have very similar issues. What do you do about it?

Micellaneous_Time6Why do we have such great intentions and are unable to act on them? Often times, we tend to check items off our list which are the easiest or the fastest to complete. These are certainly the ones we know how to do. It is very easy to ignore the difficult task or the ones which involve extra planning or research. These tasks get placed on back burner which generally means they never get resolved due to time constraints.

I suspect many of you are nodding along with me in agreement. Most importantly, what are we going to do about it? How do we stop putting these important tasks on the back burner? Have you ever thought maybe if you take the time to really get your software system running or figure out your variances, you may actually save you time? That your information may be more accurate more reliable more timely and more simple? Stop a minute and think about what it would look like to just click a button or two to generate a report instead of exporting and manipulating data in Excel. Think if you could quickly know the answer as to why data is different than expected when asked by your superior. Next time you’re tempted to put a task on the back burner, instead say to yourself let me put this Excel spreadsheet on the back burner and get my tasks in line and make my job more efficient,

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