Oct 10, 2013

The Federal government is shutdown so that means we can all shutdown and quit working right? We should not have to pay our taxes or file anything! These of course are some of the many comments people have been making and it is easy to understand their frustrations. All political issues aside, I am very glad that you are all still working. Many of you make life saving medical devices, or devices that police enforcement, firemen, and military use to keep us safe. Some of you make products that I use in my everyday life, and some make things that make life a little more enjoyable. Whatever it is that you do, I am thankful you are working.

I wonder what would happen if you did decide to just stop working. What would happen to the local economy, what would happen to the supply of your potentially life-saving product. I hope we do not ever have to find out. But what would happen if you personally would stop working? Would your company survive? Would someone else be able to fill your shoes?

closed-signFor most of us our companies can survive a period of time without us there, but over a long stretch it may become more difficult. At least we hope so for our own job security.

I challenge you to think what would happen if you decided to stop working. How much would it affect your employer. Be honest, because if it is not very much, then maybe you need to be doing something differently. If what you are doing is not very value-added and your employer could do without it, that is not a good thing. Of course personally that’s not good because then they could do without you. But more from a business perspective you need to make sure the most relevant valuable information is supplied in a timely fashion that makes the business run better and be more profitable. Otherwise, you are just wasting everyone’s time.

Categories: Cost Accounting