Should We Take On This Job?

Sep 05, 2013

Bill and I recently did a presentation for some cost accounting students at one of our local universities. We always enjoy the fresh perspective students offer and the opportunity to promote cost accounting. The students are always so engaged and energetic it helps renew our excitement for what we are doing. I would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to do a guest lecture or to present to a student group to consider doing so.

One of the questions Bill and I were asked was how do you know if you want to take on a particular job or not. We both thought that was an excellent question as often times people assume you will do whatever you can get. Of course, its not very often that we hesitate to do a job, but we strongly believe that we are only as good as our last job. We certainly do not want to take on a job in which we cannot succeed.

cost-accounting1Some things we look at before taking on a job is the capabilities of those involved and the technology necessary for completing the job. It is important that the employees of the potential client are knowledgeable and are willing to do what we will need them to do in order to make our job successful. Also for the job to be a complete success, it is very important that they are capable to continue the process after we are no longer involved.

Another very important aspect is that the change needs to start at the top and work its way down. If the controller is in favor of the changes needed and willing to do the work and is capable, but the CFO is not, it could end up dead in the water. Almost all change has to be accepted and started from the top.

Even with these types of challenges, we know we can still be successful and we recognize that these road blocks may sabotage our efforts. If a job was not a complete success based on the above roadblocks, we feel it could reflect poorly on us. Not to mention it is just a complete waste of the clients money and efforts.

We do not hesitate if a client has some reservations to their technical abilities as long as they are enthusiastic about the change and are supportive. We know that we can instruct and assist them for as long as needed to keep the job an ongoing success.

I hope everyone will think that they are only as good as their last job and never become complacent in what they are doing. Do any of you have any criteria you look at before taking on a new job?

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