Resolve To Be Accountable

Dec 29, 2015

Can you believe 2015 is coming to and end and 2016 is starting new? This is the time when most people decide to make new years resolutions. Although this may be a good tactic for some, I actually prefer to set goals on my own terms, rather than waiting for a new year for motivation. No matter when you decide to make improvements, the fact remains, anything worth doing involves hard work, determination, and a strong work ethic. Once you are able to seem some positive results, you may realize it was not as challenging as anticipated.

The typical New Year’s resolutions include getting in shape, quitting a bad habit, eating better, getting out of debt, traveling, etc. These are all great resolutions! However, what about our professional lives? What types of resolutions could you foresee?

  • Acquire more training
  • Learn to use a software program more efficiently
  • Minimize the use of Excel
  • Accurately determine your costs
  • Improve cash flow and remain consistent

Surely there are additional goals to be set for your professional life. Take some time to define what is important to you or your organization for the new year. If you are able to outline a plan for achieving your objectives, you are well on your way. Accountability is essential for reaching your goals. Sometimes it may seem easier to give up rather than continue to be accountable to someone.

Please feel free to contact me! I am more than willing to help you pursue your objectives and help you remain accountable. Having the support of a colleague or a consultant can be the difference between success and failure. Regardless, whatever you decide to do, I challenge you to write to me in the comments or contact me. Let me help you be accountable to your goals and seeing them through until the end. Can you imagine how amazing 2016 will be if you do?

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