My Costing System Software Cannot Do That!

Nov 20, 2014

I have worked with many companies and many different types of software systems over the years. One phrase I commonly hear is, “my system cannot do that”. Based on my experiences, systems are usually capable of doing much more than one may give credit.

system_manufacturingNo system is perfect! There is always something you may like to change or some special function you wish it could do. At times, it can be frustrating and it may seem that your best option is to work outside of the system. However, if you have attended one of our costing seminars, or read some of our previous blog posts, you have heard me say 86% of all Excel worksheets have an ERROR! When you work outside of the system, typically you refer to Excel. Excel can offer reasonable capabilities, but it is prone to human error. Your software system has greater capabilities, including those that avoid errors.

When you work outside of your system, have you tried to figure out how to do the same action inside the system, or does that thought result in a knee-jerk reaction? Overriding the system is not a good idea either. It is best what you need in a manner that forced the system to work, as you never know what effect a “trick” may have down the line. If you are having difficulty performing an action within your system, you most likely have a software representative who may be able to provide you with valuable guidance in obtaining your objective. Another option is to take to social media. Look on LinkedIn for groups targeted towards your software. Ask questions and get involved. Chances are, you are not the only person with that particular question.

Working within your software system can provide accuracy and clarity which can result in growth. Don’t automatically assume the limitation of your program. Explore and ask questions. Taking the time to better understand the workings of your system can prove to be profitable!

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