Must Have Apps for this Farming Season

Mar 22, 2016

smartphoneTechnology has grown by leaps and bounds within the last several years. It is important, no matter what your profession, to make use of improved technology to better your business. Smart phone applications can be extremely beneficial for agricultural-based careers such as farming. Since farmers are constantly on the move during their busy seasons of planting and harvesting, smart phone apps provide mobility and allow farmers to remain up-to-date on items that may influence their crops.Here are just a few apps which may be of interest to agribusiness .

AgWeb – This free app is run by the Farm Journal and helps Farmers stay up-to-date on a variety of items such as market quotes, weather patterns, and recent agricultural articles. Users also have the option to listen to several top industry radio shows including AgriTalk.

FarmLogs – Another free app available for apple and android devices which allows users to maintain various logs from events which occur in the field, task lists, rainfall tracking, to managing inventory. Multiple users can log information, allowing everyone to see updates in real-time.

TractorHouse – This free app is similar to Autotrader for farm equipment. Farmers can sell farm equipment, parts, and equipment attachments. Some nice features are the ability to narrow a search by location and adding items to your “watchlist” for easy maneuvering.

Weed ID – There are several free apps for weed identification including those powered by BASF, Monsanto, or the University of Missouri. No matter which one you choose, these are excellent apps to aide in the quick identification of weeds and how to best treat an infected field.

CheckIt – This app allows farmers to narrow down what deficiencies are apparent in a given crop and provides recommendations for improvement. One great feature to this app is its ability to function without a strong tower signal. Hence, farmers will never be “stuck in the mud” with this app not working.

Do you use any of these applications? Are there others you believe to be extremely beneficial?

By: Ellie Herr, Staff Accountant

Categories: Agribusiness