Moving Beyond Excuses, Reaping The Rewards

Nov 09, 2015

To all of my blog readers, I have missed you! I have been actively working on an exciting project, but have been unable to dedicate my time to anything else. At times, projects develop which require our complete attention, but it is important to remain balanced and give each of your responsibilities the proper focus. If not, your environment may crumble.

shutterstock_110495588I have conversed with groups about having excuses and not taking action. We, of course, can have excuses in every-day life, but I am specifically talking about costing. Do you have a highly functional efficient costing system? If not, is the reasoning due to affordability? Do you think it is unnecessary? Or, is it due to a lack of time?

Most controllers wear many hats. As a result, having time to implement, restore, or redo a costing system may not be feasible. Does this mean not having enough time is a valid excuse? You know the benefits of an efficient cost system. You also know the risks you face without one. Yet, your time is limited, so your system will have to remain the same. Have you said something like that before?

You may not have the time to do it on your own. So take a little time and find the right people to help you achieve clarity. I’ll add a shameless plug here and say contact Bill or I today, and let us help you stop with the excuses and start with the rewards!

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