How Well Do You Handle Change?

Nov 07, 2013


Another change that has occurred here at William Vaughan Company is that we recently acquired a small local accounting firm, previously known as, Miller, Gardner & Company. We have several employees who came to work for us now and that has been a change. Their culture and processes are different and some of the software we use is different. It has been a lot for them to learn and I do not envy the change they are facing!

For some, when you first started the job you are currently in, everything was most likely labor controlled. You had some machines that aided in jobs, but those machines could only do what they did because of the labor driving them. Today that is probably very far from accurate. You most likely have a lot of machines that are doing a lot of the work, and the people only have to do what they do because of what the machine is doing. You now are living in a machine controlled environment. What a change!

If you had costing figures those were all set up based on labor controlled environments. If you are trying to recover your overhead with those costing numbers in your now machine controlled environment, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to! Your numbers are going to be wrong! You will have to change the way you are doing things!

Have you embraced the changes that have occurred over the past, or even that are currently occurring? Change can be scary, but it also can be exciting. Change can mean that things are better now, and that you will have better numbers and be able to make better decisions. Isn’t change a good thing when you think of it like that?

Categories: Cost Accounting