How To Win at the Hiring Game

May 15, 2014

shutterstock_132759020Finding the best candidate to hire is often costly and time consuming. But, if your new hire turns into a loyal, hardworking, long-term employee, your investment may be worth every cent and minute.

Locate candidates – How do you find good people? In the past, people who were job hunting would look in the “help wanted” section of the newspaper or go from store to store filling out applications. Today, most people use a computer and a mouse and search the Internet for jobs. So if you’re not posting your openings on online job boards and industry blogs and websites, you may be missing talented candidates. Note: Running classified ads may still be a good way to reach out (especially to fill jobs requiring local candidates) since many local newspapers also have an online job board for posting classifieds.

Another way to attract candidates is to add a recruiting page to your website. In addition to posting job openings, you can use the page to attract qualified candidates by highlighting the benefits of working for your company.

And last, but certainly not least, you can use social media to announce openings and solicit job applicants. There’s no better way to reach a large number of people almost instantaneously.

Make an attractive offer – If you’re hoping to hire top talent, you’ll want to make sure the benefits you offer are competitive — or better. According to government analysis of private industry data, 85% of full-time workers had access to employer-provided medical care and 74% had access to a retirement plan.*

In a recent survey** of benefit decision makers for small, medium and large companies, almost half said they believe offering health insurance will become more important in attracting and retaining valued employees over the next five years.

Keep employees on board – Once you’ve assembled a group of valuable employees, an attractive and competitive benefit package will help ensure they stay. Your financial professional can provide insights and help you review your firm’s benefit package for cost efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2013

** The Role of Employer Benefits in Building a Competitive Workplace, ADP Research InstituteSM, 2013

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