Every Costing Problem Has A Solution

Sep 23, 2015

I recently met with an experienced cost accountant who offered significant insight. One particular statement which really made an impact was everything is a math problem to be solved. Have you ever thought about your company’s challenges in this light?

Business_Solutions1I have heard many people say, “my system cannot do that, or we do not have the necessary information. What if every employee thought about challenges as a problem to be solved, like a math problem? What if they actually allowed themselves to try to solve the problem?

I will admit there are times when issues seem impossible and taking them on is so daunting, but what would it look like if you did? Every problem has a solution! Take a step back a look at your company. If you view every issue as having a solution, you will be able to make significant strides in the growth and development of your organization.

The time your boss decided to recover all overhead, resist the urge to reply in haste with “we can’t do that.” Instead, try “even though our system does not provide this information, I will figure out a method to reconcile our system so we can achieve our end goal. Putting forth more effort and taking the time to find a solution can make a huge difference. Stop making excuses and start solving problems!

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