Dental Practice Spring Checkup

Apr 03, 2014

To-Do-ListIn addition to providing for you and your family, your dental practice is a part of this country’s small business job creation engine. Small businesses make up 99.7% of U.S. employer firms and account for 64% of net new private sector jobs.* Conducting an annual review of your practice finances can help keep your business healthy and growing.



No doubt you are pivotal to the success of your practice, however, at some point it’s important to focus on bringing up the next level of management, especially if you would like to sell your practice or pass it on in the future. While mentoring the key individuals who can effectively run the business, don’t forget about key person insurance for them. It’s designed to protect your business if you, a partner or another key employee were to die prematurely.

Plan ahead

What would happen to your practice if you or one of your key employees could no longer work? Unless you’ve planned ahead, the practices’s continued success, continuity of management and the future of all the families your practice supports could be jeopardized. Would the absent employee’ family — which could be yours — be fairly compensated for their interest in the practice if that interest needed to be sold?

A buy-sell agreement combined with key person insurance can help relieve concerns you may have. Work with your financial professional and attorney to make sure the agreement is drafted properly to address your and your practice needs.


Do you have appropriate processes and procedures in place to handle human resources and compliance issues, such as the new health care coverage rules under the federal health reform law? When was the last time you reviewed your practice’s insurance coverage with your financial professional? You may discover that your practice does not have all the coverage it needs in this litigious climate. Ask about umbrella and general liability insurance.

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