Dental Office Operations Audit

Feb 05, 2015

Image 4Many dental practices are often managed by a small team. The staff may complete the day-to-day tasks, like billing and office maintenance, but the overall management of the practice is the owner’s responsibility. The owner may be a great dentist, but that doesn’t always equate to having a great practice. Inefficiency and waste may be affecting the practice, resulting in lost revenue. However, with small changes increased efficiency may be achieved. Applying various tactics may provide less waste, more time, and more money.

Automation In our highly technological society, performing day-to-day tasks manually is often a waste of time. Appointment reminders, scheduling updates, and billing calls are a few tasks that can be automated. Email and text messaging can also be effective and time-saving methods to communicate with patients.

Cross- Training Every staff member has specific responsibilities, but sometimes it’s necessary they perform other duties. If someone is absent, that team member’s tasks must be completed. Other staff should be expected to help out, but they must be appropriately trained. Everyone in the office should know how to handle most front office responsibilities.

Communicating In the office and with patients, the main time-waster in many dental practices, is poor communication. This is not limited to discussions in person or on the phone. Billing statements and patient information forms should all be user-friendly. Also, staff should be educated about the types of questions typically asked by patients and should be able to respond knowledgeably, or to know who to ask for the appropriate information.

Outsourcing Dentists are trained to be dentists – not business owners. Caring for patients is their main focus, but for the practice to be successful, the office tasks must also have the necessary attention. Before those tasks become overwhelming, consider outsourcing. Many reputable third-party providers can take over tasks like payroll, accounting, and record keeping. An affiliate of William Vaughan Company, WVC RubixCloud is an outsourced accounting solution that leverages state-of-the-art technology to process all of your accounting functions. Check out our site:

Every practice has the ability to make improvements. Evaluating your practice’s day-to-day functions and determine where modifications can be made will reduce time and money wasted.

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