Dental Fraud Alert

Mar 26, 2015

Fraud-AlertThe Ohio State Dental Board recently learned about a fraudulent act which occurred at a dental office in New Albany, Ohio. The information below was received by the Board and is being passed along to ensure your awareness. If your office has been the victim of the same type of fraud please contact the New Albany detective listed below.

Recently, a New Albany dental office’s business account was hacked and insurance money from Delta Dental and Cigna to be paid to the dentist was directly deposited into a private bank account/prepaid card. Basically, the perpetrator accessed the dental office’s secure account information and was able to alter it which led to the funneling of insurance payments received into a personal bank account. The perpetrator is thought to be located somewhere in the San Diego, California area and was able to commit the deception through the Internet.

It appears the transactions began around November sometime and totaled around $12,000. The detective is checking with other jurisdictions in Ohio to find out if they have had this same type of fraud occur in their localities.

Kevin Deckop, Detective New Albany Police Department 50 Village Hall Rd. New Albany, OH 43054 614‐855‐1234 kdeckop@newalbanypolice

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