Dental Financial Wellbeing

Aug 06, 2014

Are you a dentist just out of dental school with a practice to run and you’re not prepared for the business aspects? You might be making financial mistakes every day and not even know it. You could have major financial problems coming your way and won’t know it until it’s too late.

practice_wellbeingAcross the country dentists are struggling. The percentage of dentists who describe themselves as “not busy enough” is increasing all because of a growing supply of working dentists and shrinking demand. If you find yourself with more time than patients, you could be in trouble. With dental care among adults decreasing and the continuing changes in dental insurance, it’s harder and more important than ever to get control of your finances.

Financial decisions – For some dentists, every financial decision causes panic, even the routine ones. If you don’t have sufficient cash flow, you won’t have the money to confidently spend on the things you need to grow your practice. Some of this can come from poor management of overhead. As a percentage of your revenue, you should be running your practice at about 55% to 60% overhead. Anything higher than 60% can mean you are heading for disaster.

Debt – If you’re afraid of debt, this can only make the problem worse. When you try to pay cash for everything, it means you don’t have cash things that come up, and this puts you in a position where your problems feed one another and send your finances into oblivion.

Retirement – Poor cash flow also leads to poor long-term savings, which can delay and dramatically reduce the quality of your retirement. If your money is sunk into overhead costs and tax bills, you won’t be able to adequately save for retirement. To maintain your current lifestyle after retirement, you need to manage your money intelligently today.

Are you spending more time managing your practice than seeing patients? If so, you need help, before it’s too late. Seek financial guidance now, and get your practice back on track.

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