Back To School: Kids and Adults Alike

Aug 26, 2013

CPEBack to school. To some of you this phrase is music to your ears, to other’s it means the start of crazy schedules and running everywhere. Often times it also means the start of cooler fall temperatures, but around here it had been feeling like fall and now it’s very hot and humid!

When the kids go back to school does it ever make you stop and think about some additional education you may need? Maybe you have been putting off that MBA or maybe even just a simple one day or part day seminar.

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I personally would be interested in all of those topics and I prefer any method. I just really enjoy learning about new things that I can apply to what I am doing. My least favorite however, would have to be a webinar.

Whatever it is you want to learn about do not delay – find a course and take it. There is a lot about accounting to know. We can’t know everything about everything, but when it is something that effects what we do, we need to stop having excuses, after all you wouldn’t let your kids get away with it!

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