Are you a Strong Dental Practice Leader?

Jun 05, 2014

shutterstock_58634884A leader builds trust by considering the “good of all” when making decisions. Leaders do not abuse their power, but build trust by using it properly. Trust fosters unity, which contributes to openly sharing information and creates a solid team that supports each other. Trust is based on the respect and expectations of a leader who cares and acts with compassion in a most positive way. With trust there is: honesty, integrity, fairness and compassion which produces good relationships.

Essentials to ensure strong leadership:

Lead by example — Pay close attention to the reactions of your staff to what you say or do, how you treat others, and how you react to things. You will notice that you have a great impact on total team performance, for better or worse.

Create and share a vision statement — Having a vision of where you want the practice to be in three to five years will help you get there. Putting it in writing and share it regularly with team members.

Delegate— Letting go is essential! It will free your time for income-producing dentistry and team members will respond positively, as long as you provide the needed training and tools to succeed.

Training — As practice leader, you must make sure that everyone on the team has the skills they need. Use a combination of shadowing to train or cross-train staff members, and role-play with scripts, on and offsite training days, and continuing education courses.

Demand excellence — Ensuring success in the dental economy requires setting your practice apart from others by excelling in all aspects of patient care and customer service.

Communication – As a leader, your team looks to you for advice and guidance. It’s imperative that you communicate with them openly and often. Communication is the key to success.

If you strive to excel at these principles of leadership, you will be on your way to being a great leader. With great leadership comes great rewards….

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