Achieve Costing Clarity

Apr 28, 2015

The other day I was speaking with a school-aged child who informed me it does not matter if she does her best in school. I was puzzled and asked her who told her such. She replied, “no one, I just say it doesn’t matter.” I of course quickly encouraged her it always matters and we should always try to do our best. If we do not get a good grade it is ok as long as we gave it our best attempt. I hope my brief conversation was enough to change her mind. However, in a world where we embrace immediate gratification and starting with the latest and greatest, I shouldn’t be so surprised.

IBackground_IdeaLights was skimming through the LinkedIn headlines today and I found several posts with topics such as getting rich fast, or how to move to the top of the ladder, or how to get a better job, etc. Achieving success requires hard work, commitment and integrity. It begins with you.

Think back to sometime in your life when someone told you something was impossible – What did you do? Were you ok with the status quo or did you accept the challenge? When did we lose that spirit we once had, and when did we start settling for mediocrity?

The same attitude can be found with regards to costing in the business world. Don’t accept the status quo. It’s time to stand up and do something. Take a course – try ours (shameless plug. Hire a consultant. Strive to make your system the best it can be. Strive for accurate data and achieve clarity.

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