Change or Die?

Jan 30, 2014

A few days ago, I was meeting with a potential client and we were talking about the challenges they were facing implementing a new corporate strategy that they felt was important to maintain the company’s viability going into the future. One of the senior members of management was talking about how difficult it was to get the entire organization and specifically certain managers to accept the kinds of changes that it takes to keep the company moving forward in a very competitive environment.

change3To make his point, he referenced the book he was reading by the title of “Change or Die”. The author had concluded that change is difficult for all people and in fact, if given the choice, some people may chose dire consequences rather than suffer the effects of comprehensive changes in their life.

The more I think about this, I realized that this is absolutely consistent in my experience in working with management teams from all sizes of businesses. Whether we’re talking about changes in their costing system, rethinking their marketing, or rearranging their production activities it is a constant battle to get agreement. We often face push back regarding the necessity of the change and then have further issues getting a team commitment to implement the changes that are necessary. These changes could be significant to the future of the company but many times cannot be implemented because of obstructions by people who are unwilling to change.

I’m sure we have all known individuals in our lives who were given ultimatums by their doctors relative to changes in their lifestyles which if they are unable to make would have dire consequences. Some individuals will quickly and permanently change their lifestyles when faced with such choices. However, many others will attempt to make such a change, but quickly revert to their old habits and then suffer the dire consequences of their choices.

Unfortunately those very thought patterns are prevalent in today’s business world and I see them virtually every day. Companies grow, prosper, languish and then decline and go out of business many times affecting many people’s jobs and futures simply because they’re unable or unwilling to make the kinds of tough choices and lifestyle changes that are necessary to keep the entire organization moving forward.

As an organization, take some time to think about how you can approach the idea of change and discuss with your management the most effective method of application.

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