In today’s corporate environment, the integrity of a business has never been more important. With advancements in technology and the upsurge of cybercrime, businesses must be more diligent than ever in their efforts to avoid and identify all forms of fraud.

When issues arise, you need a forensic and litigation support team with specialized investigatory experience to document evidence appropriately and conduct examinations so you can move forward with the appropriate information. Our diverse group of professionals are proficient in analyzing complex records, identifying key information, and presenting findings in criminal litigation proceedings. We have provided expert witness testimonies in numerous cases which have resulted in positive outcomes.

Our firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Forensic and Valuation Services Center allowing us to leverage best practices and obtain additional resources and reference materials to assist our clients in these areas.

Ask our forensic accounting team about:

  • Evaluating the strength of internal controls
  • Performing an assessment of your system controls and security
  • Conducting a fraud exposure audit
  • Working with you to identify and monitor metrics that may provide early warning signals of activities that may be indicative of potentially fraudulent transactions and occurrences

Ask our litigation support team about:

  • Assistance with litigation strategy, evaluation of merits, discovery requests, and deposition questions
  • Expert witness testimony for trials and depositions, arbitration, mediated settlements
  • Analysis of financial statements and tax returns
  • Damage calculations for business interruption, antitrust, class action, and insurance cases
  • Economic loss determinations
  • Asset tracking and other forensic accounting services
  • Analysis of marital/non-marital assets in connection with divorce proceedings
  • Lost earnings or profit calculations
  • Estate disputes

Fraud Prevention

Prevention is always better than a cure! While the existence of fraud is a reality, you don’t have to fall victim to protect your business. Being proactive is a winning strategy. That is why William Vaughan Company has developed free service, End Fraud Now, which provides an anonymous way for employees and other business partners to confidentially report internal theft, bribery, harassment, and other illegal activities. For more information, check out our website today: