Operations Review

Are your operations putting your business at risk? Every organization has its own individual financial architecture comprised of policies, procedures, and controls. However, when operations fail to meet industry standards or best practices, the greater the potential for fraud and stagnant growth. An internal operations review can help your business maximize efficiencies and provide value-added feedback to management about how trusted resources are being utilized. In addition, banks, lenders and other stakeholders frequently request reliable and transparent financial data in order to obtain advocacy.

Our operations review team has worked with numerous organizations to review, assess and provide insight for developing greater financial integrity. Data is not enough. We take the time to engage your employees and to learn about your internal processes before presenting our recommendations. Our review method includes an initial meeting, internal interviews, analysis and a final meeting to present our findings. It is essential for us to have an intimate knowledge of your organization's mission, roles, department structure, systems and known areas of vulnerability. You can be confident our team will bring significant value to your organization and set you on the right path toward optimization and productivity.

Ask our team about:

  • Analyzing company's existing operations and processes
  • Identifying areas for sustainable improvement
  • Establishing KPIs to measure newly developed procedures
  • A thorough documentation of all processes reviewed and the results of our assessment
  • Providing specific recommendations for enhancement
  • Creating a process handbook with outlined duties
  • Reviewing and recommending modifications to current internal controls